The Stone City Art Colony and School 1932-1933
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Stone City Art Colony, Summer Faculty, 1933. 
			11 x 14 inch silver print on paper by John W. Barry, Jr. From the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Study Collection. 
			Back row (L-R): (unknown woman), Adrian Dornbush, Grant Wood, Edward Rowan, Jefferson Smith, Florence Sprague 
			[Smith] Front row (L-R): Dennis M. Burlingame, Arnold Pyle, Marvin Cone, Ruth Eby [Stinson]


Stone City Art Colony, Summer Faculty, 1933

11 x 14 inch silver print on paper by John W. Barry, Jr.

From the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Study Collection

Back row (L-R): (unknown woman), Adrian Dornbush, Grant Wood,
Edward Rowan, Jefferson Smith, Florence Sprague Smith
Front row (L-R): Dennis M. Burlingame, Arnold Pyle,
Marvin Cone, Ruth Eby Stinson

The bibliographies (or in this case, webliographies) and table of contents in a hypertext document lead users to resources through several paths. We have inserted links to our webliographies here to provide the most direct access.  These resources include those used in preparing this online manuscript and those recommended by the project personnel as relevant to the study of icons in art.  Grant Wood, American Gothic, and the Stone City Art Colony are icons.  The art world has many more; some of which you will find on the icons in art, architecture and photography pages.

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The Artists: 1932 - Group Photograph with identification.
Other Artists - those who attended but are not shown in the 1932 group photograph
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Additional Related Resources & Materials

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The Joslyn Art Museum - Omaha, Nebraska, owner of the Stone City, Iowa painting
Hood Museum, Dartmouth College, owner of the painting of Daniel Webster
Grant Wood's First Sale of a Painting to Mrs. John Barry
Stone City Art Colony and School Brochure Cover 1932
Stone City Art Colony and School Fee Schedule
Stone City Art School and School Registration Form

Grant Wood Art Gallery and Tourism Center - Anamosa, Iowa
Cedar Rapids Museum of Art - Grant Wood Collection

Students - Individual Pages Index

Not all students have individual pages. See the Individual Bibliographies page for a list of all the participants known at this time.

Adams, Susan (Mrs. Susan Adams Bissell) (1906-1999)
Allen, Lee (1910-2006)
Anderson, Lucy M. (1881-1975)
Arends, Jack (1911-1986)
Azzi, Jane Russell (1910-1995)
Bloom, Isabel Scherer (Mrs. John Bloom)(1908-2001)
Bloom, John Vincent (1906-2002)
Boyd, Byron Ben (1887-1959)
Briggs, Lela Powers (Mrs. W.A. Briggs)(1896-1953)
Bunn, Julia Sampson (1914-2001)
Burlingame, Dennis Meighan (1901-1964)
Caldwell, Georgia Lee (1892-1936)
Carpenter, Bethane [Fister Hall] (1910-2006)
Carriel, Mary Thompson (Mrs. C.A. Carriel)(1884?-1950)
Chamberlain, Glenn B. (1914-2001)
Christie, Mae Allyn (Mae Allyn Schupbach) (1895-1957)
Coffman, Esther (Mrs. Arthur Dorothy)(1900-1976)
Correthers, Leslie Young (? - ?)
Crabb, Harriet (1868-1951)
De Jong, Ruth P. (1891-?)
Ellsworth, Cheryl (Mrs. Robert Lawther)(1911-1975)
Evans, Grace French (Mrs. Henry F. Evans)(1887-1953)
Ferguson, Bernard (1911-1977)
Flick, Carl P. (1904-1972)
Flynn, Patrick James Allison (1904-1986)
Frankel, Margo Rene (Mrs. Joe Osherenko)(1913-2003)
Funk, Joseph (1901-1985)
Gebers, Nellie M. (Mrs. John Gebers)(1901-1995)
Gilmore, Marion (1909-1984) (Marion Gilmore Hulse)
Glasell, Christine Rosner (Mrs. Don Glasell)(1898-1971)
Glasell, Don Emil (1895-1965)
Gratiot, Eugenia (Mrs. Robert Loetscher)(1903-1979)
Griffith, Gerald I. (1909-1999)
Guiher, Bertha Wainwright (Mrs.John S. Guiher)(1870-1951)
Hansen, Joanne (1879-1965)
Henning, William E. (1911-1996)
Herman, Louise (1902- ?)
Hinrichsen, Helen Johnson (1896-1983)
Horne, Elma Reeder (1893-1982)
Houts, Don (1908-1991)
Jacobs [Rhodes], Lillyan (1915-1986)
Jaeger, Oscar R. (1887-1958)
Jeffrey, Everett (1906-1983)
Johnson, Howard C. (1913-1963)
Johnson, Mary Brigham (1898-1946)
Keeler, Charles B. (1882-1964)
Kelly, James Anthony (1900- ?)
Kerfoot, Margaret [Jennison] (1901-1995)
Kitt, Emma (1895-1953)
Lepley, Marion (Mrs. Albert Martinson) (1897-1992)
Loomis, Jessie Parrott (1912-1966)
Macmullen, Mabel Eastman Dixon (Mrs. Sydney Macmullen) (1888-1973)
Marquis, Dorothea Tomlinson (1898-1985)
Mattern, Mary Lieberman (1903-1982)
McBroom, Louise Garst (Mrs. Leland McBroom) (1891-1944)
McCray, Francis F. (1899-1960)
McCray, Mildred Bruning (Mrs. Francis F. McCray)(1906-1995)
Metcalf, Conger (1914-1998)
Montgomery, Carrie E. (Mrs. W.A. Montgomery)(1878-1956)
Morey, Bertha Graves (1881-1962)
Nuhn, Marjorie Ann (1898-1988)
Nunn, Robert L. (1911-2000)
Orwig, Louise (? -?)
Pearman, Katharine K. (1888-1961)
Perkins, William H. ("Bill") (1905-1966)
Polk, Ben (1916- ?)
Proost, Robert F. (1914-1982)
Rhodes, Daniel (1911-1989)
Roberts, Newton (1881-1974)
Robertson, Persis Weaver (Mrs. A.J. Robertson)(1896-1992)
Sargent, Bertha (1864-?)
Saunders, Aulus Ward (A.W.) (1904-1991)
Savage, Thomas (1908-1987)
Sharp, John (1911-1966)
Sternfeld, Edith A. (1898-1990)
Stinson, Ruth Eby (1909-1993)
Thalinger, Jean (1915-1965)
Tilton, Florence (Mrs. Fred Ahlfeld) (1894- ?)
Townsend, Pauline (1870- ?)
Trask, Pauline Phelps (1906-1994)
Triplett, Margaret F. (1905-1991)
Van Alstine, Mary J. (Mrs. L.H. Van Alstine)(1878- ?)
Van Duzee, Kate Keith (1874-1962)
Weaver, Florence (1879-1957)
White, Francis Robert (1907-1986)
Zeman, Leon (1893-1979)

Faculty - Individual Pages Index

Chapin, Francis (1899-1965)
Cone, Marvin (1891-1965)
Dornbush, Adrian (1900-1970)
McCosh, David (1903-1981)
Pyle, Arnold (1908-1973)
Rowan, Edward Beatty (1898-1946)
Smith, Florence Sprague (1889-1971)
Wood, Grant (1891-1942)

Others - Individual Pages Index

Barry, John W. Jr. (1905-1988) - colony photographer
Leonard, H. [Herbert] Stewart (1908-1952) - lecturer
McCray, Mildred (1906-1995) - accompanied husband
Meier, Norman Charles (1893-1967) - regular visitor
Smith, Jefferson R. III (1887-1952) - second colony business manager

1932 Stone City Colony Male Faculty
(l-r) Grant Wood, David McCosh, Ed Rowan , Arnold Pyle, Adrian Dornbush, Marvin Cone.
Photo by John W. Barry, Jr. Photo courtesy of the Grant Wood Art Gallery, Anamosa, IA.


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