The Stone City Art Colony and School 1932-1933
Other Colony Students

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Clipping from the Anamosa newspaper
Newspaper clippings provided lists of art students who attended
the Stone City Art Colony and School in 1932 or 1933. This
project started with the famous group photograph and continues
as we learn more about other students.

Other Participants at the Stone City Art Colony and School

During its sixteen-week history, the Stone City art colony hosted hundreds of students, many of whom were not featured in the John W. Barry, Jr. photographs series that are the basis of this work. Colony registration allowed artists numerous enrollment options, and local newspapers did feature brief student listings. Stone City's legacy would not be complete without mention of these individuals. We continue to gather information on any and all the artists with a connection to The Stone City Art Colony and School.

The artists on this page were found because of the newspaper lists. Cities of residence are based upon 1932-1933 press coverage of the colony; name spellings occur as shown in these texts. Where possible, a biography is linked - some very brief and others more substantial.  We welcome contributions to develop this set of personal stories.

Iowa Artists

Illinois Artists

  • Caldwell, Georgia Leigh [River Forest, IL]
  • Correthers, Leslie Young [Rockford, IL]
  • Ferguson, Donald B. (Mrs.) [Rockford, IL]
  • Keeler, E.R. (Mrs.) [Chicago, IL]
  • Neville, Dorothy [Kewanee, IL]
  • Peek, Adeline [Moline, IL]
  • Peek, Eloise [Moline, IL]
  • Stone, Helen Loosley (Mrs.) [Moline, IL]
  • Tilton, Florence (Mrs. Fred Ahlfeld) [Normal, IL]
  • Walker, Dick [Rock Island, IL]
  • Wilder, Emory (Mrs.) [Chicago, IL]

Missouri Artists

Minnesota Artists

  • De Jong, Ruth [Excelsior, MN]
  • Kerfoot, Margaret (Margaret Kerfoot Jennison) [St. Paul, MN]
  • Shuman, John R. [Minneapolis, MN]
  • Turner, Constance [Minneapolis, MN]

Nebraska Artists

  • Culp, Wendell (Mrs.) [Omaha, NE]
  • Fogelstrom, Alma [Omaha, NE]
  • Nissen, Mary [Omaha, NE]
  • Ronin, William [Omaha, NE]
  • Sacchi, Mary [Lincoln, NE]

New York Artists

  • Silvers, Herbert (Mr. and Mrs.) [New York City]

Oklahoma Artists

Wisconsin Artists

  • Kitt, Emma [Racine, WI] ; {residence cited as Ames, IA}

Artists with Unknown Residence

  • Allison, Harold Palmer
  • Bortin, Fran
  • Williams, Frank

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