The Stone City Art Colony and School 1932-1933
Norman Charles Meier

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Norman Charles Meier (1893-1967) - visitor

Meier attended both the 1932 and 1993 Stone City Art Colony sessions and was possibly involved in recruitment efforts to secure Grant Wood’s appointment to the University of Iowa’s art department. Meier specialized in the psychology of art and art education methods. While a graduate student, he joined the University of Iowa’s faculty in 1922 as an assistant in the psychology department, becoming an instructor in 1923. Meier remained in the department for many years, ultimately becoming a full professor in 1954 and retired from the university in 1967.

Meier received his Bachelor’s in philosophy (1921) and a Master’s degree (1921) from the University of Chicago. He was awarded his doctorate in psychology from the University of Iowa in 1926 and published numerous books and articles in the field of art psychology including:

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Norman Charles Meier - From the large group photo of The 1932 Stone City Art Colony and School found on the Artists: 1932 page.

Norman Charles Meier - From the large group photo of The 1932 Stone City Art Colony and School found on the Artists: 1932 page.


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