The Stone City Art Colony and School 1932-1933
H. [Herbert] Stewart Leonard

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H. [Herbert] Stewart Leonard (1908-1952) – colony lecturer 

Born in Fargo, North Dakota, Stewart Leonard would later serve as the youngest lecturer at Stone City’s first session in 1932.  An art history student at the University of Chicago, Leonard received his Bachelors of Philosophy (Ph.B.) in 1930.  While completing his Masters degree, Leonard came to the colony and led discussions on modern art, aesthetics, and Chicago’s architectural history, the subject of his thesis.  After completing his graduate studies (A.M., 1934), Leonard immediately moved to Key West, Florida, site of the newly-launched Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) art initiative led by Adrian Dornbush, a colony instructor and organizer. 

Leonard’s talents soon resulted in his selection as director of the Key West Art Gallery and as chairman of the area Fine Arts Commission.  By 1935, the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) assumed control of the regional art program in the wake of increased tourism and local business revenue.  While in Florida, Leonard married Dolores McRoberts, a fellow University of Chicago graduate and art patron.  Leonard left the gallery, located in the Caroline Lowe House, and accepted a different position in 1936, that of director for the new Zanesville Art Institute in Zanesville, Ohio. Leonard served in this position until June 1941, when he volunteered for the Army just prior to World War II.  By the war’s end, he was a member of the Fine Arts and Archives division [Treasury Department] and stationed in Germany. 

Leonard returned to the United States in 1948 and soon received his military discharge. In early 1949, Perry T. Rathbone, director of the City Art Museum of St. Louis, appointed Leonard as assistant director of the facility.  While on staff, Leonard published frequently for the museum’s magazine, The St. Louis City Art Museum Bulletin, detailing current exhibitions and penning critical studies of leading artists.   He later died in May 1952, at his home, a mere three years after moving to Missouri. 

Published Works

Leonard, H. Stewart. Contemporary German sculpture by Sintenis, Kolbe, Lehmbruck, and Wimmer. Bulletin of the City Art Museum of St. Louis. 1950, 35 (3) 44-47.

Leonard, H. Stewart. Pastel by Liotard; Benjamin West's Antiochus and Stratonice. Bulletin of the City Art Museum of St. Louis. 1951, 36 (3) 46-50.

Leonard, H. Stewart. Sir Henry Raeburn's portrait of Anne Pringle. Bulletin of the City Art Museum of St. Louis. 1952, 37 (1) 1-4.

Leonard, H. Stewart. An unpublished manuscript by Paul Gauguin. Bulletin of the City Art Museum of St. Louis. 1949, 34 (3) 41-48.

Leonard, H. Stewart. Venetian embroidery from Cracow. Bulletin of the City Art Museum of St. Louis. 1951, 36 (4) 54-55.

Leonard, Herbert Stewart. The history of architecture in Chicago. Thesis (M.A.)--University of Chicago, 1934.

Rathbone, Perry Townsend,  Van Ravenswaay, Charles, Leonard, H. Stewart. Mississippi panorama : the life and landscape of the Father of Waters and its great tributary, the Missouri : with 188 illustrations of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, bank notes, river boat models, steamboat appurtenances and the Dickeson-Egan giant moving panorama of the Mississippi. [St. Louis] : City Art Museum of St. Louis : Distributed by the Caledonia Press, (Von Hoffmann Press), 1950.

Stewart Leonard - Image and caption dated June 11, 1941, used with permission of the Zanes Times-Recorder archives .

Stewart Leonard, director of the Zanesville Art Institute, is shown above as he boarded a bus this morning for Columbus where he will be inducted into the army. He was among 24 young men to leave here today. Leonard is a volunteer.

Image and caption dated June 11, 1941, used with permission of the Zanesville (Ohio) Times-Recorder archives .


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