The Stone City Art Colony and School 1932-1933
Patrick James Allison Flynn

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Patrick James Allison Flynn [“J. Allison”] (1904-1986) - student

A prominent member of the Omaha, Nebraska art community, Patrick James Allison Flynn (known as “J. Allison”) attended both sessions of the Stone City Art Colony. His forty-one year career in the art department of the Omaha World-Herald began in 1927. The staff handled maps, comics, drawings, illustrations, custom headlines, layouts, and photography needs. Well-known for his pipe and meticulous attention to detail, Flynn was featured in forty editorial cartoons as a hidden image in homage to his talent and leadership.

While working for the newspaper, Flynn helped to found the Associated Artists of Omaha in 1946 and exhibited in the group’s showings of 1955 and 1958. Active also in local drama and music groups, he was a member of the Omaha Chamber Music concert series board and the Omaha Community Theater. For the theater’s 1926 main production, Flynn lost the title role to a little-known actor, Henry Fonda, who later gained international acclaim. In June 1958, J. Allison received the Elmer Award for special recognition of arts promotion in Omaha, presented by the Associated Artists of Omaha.

His wife, Elizabeth Fore, also an Omaha World-Herald employee, rose to prominence in 1943 as publicity director for the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and as a women’s issues/society columnist. She was named “Woman Journalist of the Year” by the Metropolitan Newspaper syndicate in 1926 and worked in various advertising agencies and publicity firms during her career.

J. Allison’s popular drawings and watercolors were featured in several Lincoln, Nebraska showings, often accompanied by artwork from his wife. Flynn served as the art critic for the Omaha World-Herald and as a member of exhibition juries for the Joslyn Art Museum (1930s-1940s). Flynn frequently gave art lectures to the local community and was elected president of the Omaha Press Club in the 1950s.

Following his retirement from the newspaper in 1969, Flynn remained in Omaha and was active in local arts groups and activities. He died in November 1986.


J. Allison Flynn, 1969. Photo courtesy and used with permission of the Library, Omaha World-Herald.

J. Allison Flynn, 1969.

Photo courtesy of and used with permission of the Library, Omaha World-Herald.


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