Iowa: A Literary Landscape

Prairie Rose: Iowa State Flower -- © Linda & Robert Scarth
Prairie Rose: Iowa State Flower -- ©Linda & Robert Scarth

While Iowa writers receive much attention, the rose which inspires many is the Iowa landscape. Iowa is the setting for the fiction in this bibliography. Approximately 920 novels for children and adults are included in this 'work in progress'. The original bibliography had 500 entries in 2002 and has slowly grown as we became aware of new works or ones we had missed. The Feature Films appendix was added in the fall of 2004.

Our winter 2005 updates added two new appendices: Electronic Works and Audio Works, as well as a number of adult and children's fiction titles. Some of these new finds are because of the added subject headings for fiction records finding their way into OCLC, the home of WorldCat.

A March 2005 update included non-English editions and original works, all novels set in Iowa. A recent 2007 expansion is the bibliography on Iowa folklore. Newly published works are featured on the page named "Recent Project Additions."

As of January 2008, the project offers a comprehensive title index.

The extensive 2016 expansion, some 280 titles, prompted the addition of a "Young Adults" section.

Note: Permission is given to print the complete set of files comprising this bibliography to bind or file and to catalog for reference use. See Editor's Forward for more information.


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Iowa Literary Landscape

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