Iowa: A Literary Landscape


Place is increasingly becoming an important concept in the study of literary works. Eudora Welty once wrote that "It seems plain that the art that speaks most clearly, explicitly, directly, and passionately from its place of origin will remain the longest understood." 1

In this book we have attempted to list many of the novels and short stories which have identified Iowa as the place where their action is set. By compiling this bibliography, we hope to help Iowa's librarians and teachers locate literature that reflects Iowa's history, culture, and locales.

This work is being published for the first time as an electronic book. The URL is: In order to make this work as useful and comprehensive as possible, additions and changes will continually be made to this site.

Acknowledgement must be given to the Iowa librarians who suggested works for this bibliography. We hope that our readers will continue to send their suggestions.

Marilyn Murphy, March 2002

1Welty, Eudora. "Place in Fiction." Eye of the Story: Selected Essays and Reviews. New York: Random House, 1978.

Iowa Literary Landscape

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