Iowa: A Literary Landscape

Over half of Iowa Counties have been the settings for fiction. We identified these 59 counties in the works of these authors.

-- Dashes denote authors of juvenile fiction (children and young adults).

Adair County
-- McGuire, Frances Lynch

Adams County
-- Hall, Lynn

Allamakee County
--Holl, Kristi

Anderson County (fictional)
Pedroli, Hubert

Appanoose County
Greenleaf, Stephen

Audubon County
-- McDonald, Julie

Benton County
-- Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody

Black Hawk County
Aldrich, Bess Streeter
Givens, David
-- Gioielli, Stephani
-- Heath, May A.
--Iyengar, Vijay
--Jensen, Jake
--Knipp and Egemo
-- Lichty, Luke
Price, Nancy
Tracey, Grant A.
Waller, Robert James
--Wilson, Amanda

Bremer County
Spence, Hartzell

Buena Vista County
Gaherty, Mike

Carroll County
  Lamp, C.O.

Cass County
Vermillion, Mary

Cerro Gordo County
Klinkowitz, Jerome
Willson, Meredith
Yoseloff, Martin

Chickasaw County
-- Magnuson and Petrie

Clay County
   Kantor, MacKinley
-- Sackett and Coy

Clayton County
   Gillhoff, Johannes
-- Hall, Lynn
-- Hall and Roth
Harstad, Donald

Clinton County
Childs, Marquis William
Fisher, James R.

Davis County
Michaels, Leigh

Delaware County
-- Holl, Kristi

Des Moines County
Lammers, Thomas G.

Dickinson County
Davidson, Peter
Kantor, MacKinley
--Nygaard and Lewin
Rich, Virginia
-- Sackett and Coy

Dubuque County
Bissell, Richard
Garlock, Dorothy
Hoffman, Matthias
Jochum, Patricia A.
Wallis, James Harold

Fayette County
Berryhill, Clint

Fremont County
Spence, Hartzell

Floyd County
Millhiser, Marlys

Grouse County(fictional, possibly based on Worth County)
Drury, Tom

Guthrie County
Duncan, Thomas William
McKibben, Carroll

Grundy County
Quick, Herbert

Hamilton County
Kantor, MacKinlay

Henry County
--Braulick, Jenny Panther

Howard County
-- Govern and Pitzenberger

Humboldt County
-- Baker, Laura Nelson

Iowa County
   Dobson, Melanie B.
Gillhoff, Johannes
Miller, Judith

Jackson County
Hunter, Helen
-- Lawlor and Cogancherry

Johnson County
Andrews, Clarence A.
Baker, Larry
Berryhill, Clint
Borne, Deanna Bieber
Bourjaily, Vance
Calderwood and Hearst
Casey, John
Cassill, Robert Verlin
Cathey, Bill Robert
Exley, Frederick
-- Felsen, Henry Gregor
Halvorson, Jerome A.
Hardwick, Elizabeth
Harter, Evelyn
Horn, Margaret Capek
Irving, John
-- Irwin and Reida
Jeffery and Keeble
Johnson, Denis
Kallmaker, Karin
Kinsella, W.P.
Lafore, Laurence Davis
Leggett, John W.
Madden, Mary Anne
McDonald, Julie
McMurtry, Larry
McNally, John
Mukherjee, Bharati
Murray, John
Newborn, Sasha
Olsen, Lance
Orr, Elaine
--Reuter, Linda
Roth, Philip
Shields, David
Stansfield, Anita
--Sheth, Kashmira
Siciliano, Sam
Spivak, Talbot
Strieber, Whitley
Wakefield, Dan
Waters, Dan
Welt, Elly
Weverka, Robert

Jones County
Suckow, Ruth

Keokuk County
Huffman, Marth

Kossuth County
Magnuson and Petrie
   Wingert, Lynn R..

Lee County
-- Calhoun and Gretzer
Hughes, Rupert
Kentfield, Calvin

Linn County
Engle, Paul
Gorman, Edward
Henning, William E.
McCoy, Maureen
-- Medary, Marjorie
--Roth, Karen
Sigmund, Jay G.
Steffens, Jason M
Van Vechten, Carl

Louisa County
-- Hunter, Helen

Lyon County
Feikema, Feike
Manfred, Frederick Feikema

Madison County
Hylton, J.D.
Waller, Robert James

Mahaska County
Roquet, Dana

Marion County
Bach, Marcus
   Kooi, Muriel Byers

Marshall County
-- Francis,Dorothy Brenner

Mills County
Jackson, Donald Dean
   Wearin, Otha D.

Mitchell County
Garland, Hamlin

Montgomery County
Bowman, Stephen

Muscatine County
Butler, Ellis Parker (adult and child's titles)
Casey, John
Collins, Max A.

Nation County(fictional)
Harstad, Donald

Osceola County
Harrison and Sollitt
   Sollitt, Kenneth W.
Sollitt, Bullard, and Bullington

Page County
Boylen, Margaret Currier

Palo Alto County
Van Etten, Winifred

Plymouth County
Harnack, Curtis
   McDonald, Julie

Pocahantas County
Daniels, Guy

Polk County
Agee, Jonis
-- Anderson, Betty Baxter
-- Bailey and Moran
Bacus, Kathleen
Brant, Kylie
Brigham, Johnson
-- Felsen, Henry Gregor
--Heinlein, Robert A
--Knapp, Susan
Kohrt, Ruth
-- Lowry, Lois
McCracken, Elizabeth
Michaels, Leigh
-- Mullen, Paul Michael
Opstein, Ed
Rhodes, David A.
Scott, Beverly J.
Smiley, Jane
Speer, Ralph
-- Stack, Nicolete Meredith
Stong, Philip Duffield
Taylor, John
Twain, Ernest Arlington
White, Michael J.

Pottawattamie County
Beer, Thomas
Seilstad, Lorna.

Poweshiek County
Longley, Ralph L.

Ringgold County
Saltzman, Eleanor

Sac County
Dailey, Janet

Scott County
--Duey, Kathleen
French, Alice
Glaspell. Susan
-- Kimmel, E. Cody
-- Meigs, Cornelia

Shelby County
-- Corey, Paul
-- McDonald, Julie

Sioux County
Donovan, Josephine
--Hewitt, William
-- Naylor, Reynolds, and Brown
Suckow, Ruth
Wishman, June

Story County
Frederick, Michael
-- Gibson and Coxe
Huffey, Rhoda
Jack, Zachary
Modesitt, L.E.
Smiley, Jane
Stasney, Kirsten Jacobson

Tama County
-- Irwin, Hadley
Magnuson and Petrie
Wilson, Margaret
Young Bear, Ray A.

Van Buren County
Michaels, Leigh
Stong, Philip Duffield

Wapello County
Michaels, Leigh

Washington County
Dawn, Waneta
Hotle, Charles C.

Webster County
Bender, Loretta

Winneshiek County
   Dostal, W.A
-- Drexler and Shelby
Glawe, Dennis D.
-- Hall, Lynn.
Hutchinson, Duane
-- Schaefer and Rosen
Schultz, Robert

Woodbury County
Downing, J. Hyatt
Frederick, Michael
Lottman, Eileen
Martens and Rogers
McHale, Thomas.

Iowa Literary Landscape

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