Iowa: A Literary Landscape

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NOTE: Only stories set in Iowa are included in this bibliography.  Authors may have other works not included here.

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7 and a Half Cents. Bissell, Richard. 1953.

100 Days of Deadland. Aukes, Rachel. 2013.

100 Years of the Waterloo Public Library. Knipp, Joelle and Emily Egemo. 1996. (--)

1864: A Year in the Life of a Civil War Soldier. Loski, Diana, Linda M. Sniffen, and Jolie Kemp. 1995.

1939. Fitton, Robert P. 2000.

2096, the Waterloo Public Library. Jensen, Jake. 1996. (--)

16,000 Suspects: A RAGBRAI Mystery. Lounsberry, Barbara, ed. 1999.

A&L Do Summer. Blazanin, Jan. 2011.

Abandoned: Now Stutter My Orphan. Halvorson, Jerome A. 1999.

The Able McLaughlins. Wilson, Margaret. 1923.

Accordion Crimes. Proulx, E. Annie. 1996.

Acres of Antaeus. Corey, Paul. 1946.

Across the Wide River. Hewitt, William. 2003. (--)

Act Two: A Novel in Perfect Pitch. Stuart, Kimberly. 2008.

"Acts of Memory, Wisdom of Man." Murray, John. 2003.

Addie's Forever Friend. Lawlor, Laurie and Helen Cogancherry. 1997. (--)

After the Workshop: A Memoir by Jack Hercules Sheahan: A Novel. 2010.

Against the Current. MacLean, Brian L. 2014.

Aladdin & Co.: A Romance of Yankee Magic. Quick, Herbert. 1904.

Alice's Tulips. Dallas, Sandra. 2000.

All Men are Mariners. Kentfield, Calvin. 1957.

All Roads Lead Home. Muir, Diane Greenwood. 2013.

All the Help You Need. Genell, Sean Preciado. 2015.

"Almost in Iowa." Irving, John. 1973.

Always the Land. Engle, Paul. 1941.

Alpine for You.Hunter, Maddy. 2003.

Amalie's Story. McDonald, Julie. 1970.

Ambitions. Dobrian, Joseph. 2014.

"Amelia." Vogt, Linda Kay. 1993.

America’s Report Card. McNally, John. 2006.

American Dreamer. Weir, Theresa. 1997.

An American Romance. Casey, John. 1977.

"An American Wake." Crow, Rose A. 1917.

Amish Country Arson. Risner, Fay. 2015.

"Among the Corn Rows." Garland, Hamlin. 1890.

Amy Ferraby's Daughter: A Novel. Ford, Elisabeth. 1940.

“Anatomies.” McCarty, Susan. 2015.

“And No One Would Eat Tomatoes: An Iowa Anthology.” Asala, Joanne. 1993.

The Angel and the Sailor: A Novella and Nine Stories. Kentfield, Calvin. 1957.

Ann of the Prairie: A Family History. Sollitt, Kenneth W., Lucy Bullard, and Verna Bullington. 1992.

Anthony Trant. Downing, J. Hyatt. 1941.

Antiques Bizarre. Allan, Barbara. 2010.

Antiques Chop. Allan, Barbara. 2013.

Antiques Con. Allan, Barbara. 2014.

Antiques Disposal. Allan, Barbara. 2012.

Antiques Flee Market. Allan, Barbara. 2008.

Antiques Knock-Off. Allan, Barbara. 2011.

Antiques Maul. Allan, Barbara. 2008.

Antiques Roadkill. Allan, Barbara. 2007.

Antiques Swap. Allan, Barbara. 2015.

"Antonio." Schaffter, Eugene. 1894.

Any Which Wall. Snyder, Laurel, and LeUyen Pham. 2009. (--)

Apples for Immigrants. Preheim, Lois Thieszen, and Caroline P. Bergen. 1999.

Archer Pilgrim. Jackson, Donald Dean. 1942.

Arlie Gelston. Sergel, Robert L. 1923.

Armon's Apples: A Novel of Man Against the Prairie. Kohrt, Ruth. 1998.

Article V: The Movie. DuClos, Benard. 2008.

As Good As Dead. Evans, Elizabeth. 2015.

As Her Name is So is Redbird. Risner, Fay. 2012.

As the Crow Flies. Meigs, Cornelia. 1927. (--)

Ashen Winter. Mullin, Mike. 2012. (--)

Ashfall. Mullin, Mike. 2011. (--)

At Heaven's Door. Stansfield, Anita. 2007.

At Paradise Gate: A Novel. Smiley, Jane. 1981.

Athens, America. Baker, Larry. 2005.

"The Attack on Corinth." Parkhurst, Clint. 1922.

Augustus Green in the Lair of the Pye-a-Saw. Lammers, Thomas G. 2009.

Baby Blue Rip-off. Collins, Max A. 1983.

"Baby Wood." Nevai, Lucia. 1987.

Backwards Honeymoon. Michaels, Leigh, 2001.

Bad Moon Rising. Gorman, Edward. 2011.

Bait Money. Collins, Max Allan. 1973.

Barefoot and Happy. Bergen, Harold P. 2005. (--)

Barn Raising. Brown, Craig McFarland. 2001 and 2002. (--)

The Basement. Newborn, Sasha. 1978.

Basepaths: From the Minor Leagues to the Majors and Beyond. Klinkowitz, Jerome. 1984.

Bear Naked 3: The Hunted. Eliason, R.J. 2015. (--)

Bear Naked. Eliason, R.J. 2013. (--)

Behind the Hedge, a Novel. Dawn, Waneta. 2007.

Bellbina : Queen of Weed Park. Juszczyk, Laura and Linda C Kelty. 2009. (--)

Bells Goes to the Fair. Knapp, Susan and John Whitehurst. 2002. (--)

Beneath a Meth Moon. Woodson, Jacqueline. 2012.

Berlin Wild. Welt, Elly. 1986.

"Berries for Sale." Olliver, Lois Marie. 1942.

Bertie Comes Through. Felsen, Henry Gregor, and Jane Toan. 1947. (--)

Bertie Makes a Break. Felsen, Henry Gregor. 1966. (--)

The Best Boy Ever Made. Eliason, Rachel. 2014. (--)

The Best-Made Plans. Michaels, Leigh. 1992.

Betrayed. Givens, David. 2008.

Better Days. Kasten, Kate. 2013.

Better Than Gold. Eakes, Laurie Alice. 2008.

"Between Alpha and Omega." Quick, J. Herbert. 1908.

Between the Corn Rows. Seltz, Robert. 2012.

"Between Trains." Stong, Philip Duffield. 1940.

"Beyond the Glass Mountain." Stegner, Wallace. 1947.

Bidwell, Iowa: Barefoot Trails & Barefaced Tales. Dorothy, Robert Ellwood. 1998.

Big Brother. Shriver, Lionel and Dana Mendelson. 2013.

The Big Drugstore. Irelan, Patrick. 2015.

"Big Kids and the Little Kids." Suckow, Ruth. 1929.

A Big Life in a Small Town. Muir, Diane Greenwood. 2013.

"Big River." Butler, Ellis Parker. 1913.

The Big Thaw. Harstad, Donald. 2000.

Billy. Strieber, Whitley. 1990.

Bily Brothers: Wood Carvers and Clock Makers. Hutchinson, Duane. 1993.

Bird. Chan, Crystal.2014. (--)

Black Eagle Child: The Facepaint Narratives. Young Bear, Ray A. 1992.

“Black Elvis: stories.” Becker, Geoffrey. 2009.

Black River Falls. Gorman, Edward. 1996.

The Black Soil. Donovan, Josephine. 1930.

"Blackjack Queen." Irelan, Patrick. 1994.

Blame It on Dubuque. Erbach, Peter. 2011.

Blind Faith. Clark, Janet. 2006.

Blizzard. Stong, Philip Duffield. 1955.

Blood Farm: An Iowa Gothic. Siciliano, Sam. 1988.

Blood Money. Collins, Max Allan. 1977.

Blood Moon. Gorman, Edward. 1994.

Blue Jasmine. Sheth, Kashmira. 2004. (--)

"The Bluffs." Kenyon, John. 2004.

Bob Burton, or, The Young Ranchman of the Missouri. Alger, Horatio. 1888. (--)

"The Bobbinet Cap." Bowman, Irene. 1966.

"Bone Dry." Robers, Donald, Jr. 1994.

Bonesetter's Brawl. Calderwood, Carmelita and James Hearst. 1979.

The Bonney Family. Suckow, Ruth. 1928.

Bonnie of Evidence. Hunter, Maddy. 2013.

The Book of Famous Iowans. Bauer, Douglas. 1997.

The Book of Mamie: A Novel. Brenna, Duff. 1989.

The Book of Mormon Sleuth. Andersen, C.B. 2000. (--)

A Book of True Lovers. French, Alice. 1897.

Booth Girls: A Love Story. Uda, Joan. 2013.

Bottomland. Hoover, Michelle. 2016.

"Bottomlands." Tidman, Mike. 1998.

The Boys and the Bees. Doone, Mari. 2012.

Boys Gets Car. Felsen, Henry Gregor. 1960. (--)

Boy Life on the Prairie. Garland, Hamlin. 1899.

The Boy Who Discovered the Earth. Felsen, Henry Gregor. 1955. (--)

The Boy's House: Stories. Heynen, Jim. 2001.

Boys of Cary Farm. Smith, Minna Caroline. 1887. (--)

Bozer Bunny Comes to Lake Okoboji. Sackett, Rosemary and Gretchen Anton Coy. 1995. (--)

Brad's Box. Walker, Mary Alexander. 1988. (--)

"Bread." Butler, Ellis Parker. 1917.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do. Gorman, Edward. 2004.

The Bride Wore the Traditional Gold. Spivak, Talbot. 1972.

The Bridges of Madison County. Waller, Robert James. 1992.

Bridges to New Beginnings. Freligh, David G. 2011.

Bringing in the Sheep. Moore, Rick. 2012.

Buckskin Breeches. Stong, Philip Duffield. 1937.

Built in a Day. Rinehart, Steven. 2003.

“But at my Back I Will Always Hear.” Morrell, David. 1990.

But Look, the Morn: The Story of a Childhood. Kantor, MacKinlay. 1947.

Butterfly Powder and the Mountains of Iowa: A Novel. Eipert, Erich. 1995.

Button Down. Ylvisaker, Anne. 2012.

By the Scruff of the Neck. DePhillips, Diane. 2004.

Cabin. Childs, Marquis William. 1944. (--)

Cabin on the Second Ridge. Longley, Ralph L. 1976.

"The Cabinet Organ." French, Alice. 1896.

“The Cage.” Gorman, Ed. 1998.

Calamity Jayne. Bacus, Kathleen. 2006.

Calamity Jayne Goes to College. Bacus, Kathleen. 2007.

Calamity Jayne Rides Again. Bacus, Kathleen. 2006.

The Calico Ball. Crary, Margaret. 1961.

“The California Killer.” Lowe, Tower. 1985.

A Campus Death. Madden, Mary Anne. 2008.

"The Canada Thistle." Thanet, Octave. 1894.

The Candidate. Harris, Paul. 2012.

Captain Kidd's Cow. Stong, Philip Duffield, and Kurt Wiese. 1941. (--)

Capture a Shadow. Michaels, Leigh. 1986.

"The Captured Dream." French, Alice. 1897.

The Captured Dream and Other Stories. French, Alice. 1899.

Carlisle Pride. Michaels, Leigh. 1987.

Career. Stong, Philip Duffield. 1936.

Carried Away. Chehak, Susan Taylor. 1998.

The Case of Nikki Pagan. Eliason, Rachel. 2013.

The Case of the Bad-luck Bike Ride Across Iowa. Francis, Dorothy Brenner. 2001. (--)

Cast Away Stones. Schinnow, Richard. 2012.

The Cat who walks Through Walls: A Comedy of Manners. Heinlein, Robert A. 1985.

A Certain Island. Murphy, Robert William. 1967. (--)

The Chance of a Sparrow. Risner, Fay. 2008.

The Changing of the Guard, a Novel. Scholl, John. 1963.

Charmed to Death. Damsgaard, Shirley. 2006.

Chase the Wind. Holby, Cindy. 2002.

Chasing Evil. Brant, Kylie. 2015.

Chautauqua Summer. McDonald, Julie. 2001. (--)

Cherry Ames, Rural Nurse. Wells, Helen. 1961. (--)

Cherry Blossom Princess. Holmes, Marjorie. 1960. (--)

Chiaroscuro. Clothier, Peter. 1985.

A Child's Song. Karwatowicz, Patricia, and Jane Dippold. 2005. (--)

Children and Older People. Suckow, Ruth. 1931.

Children of the Prairie. Curtis, Alice Bertha and Richard A. Holberg. 1938.

The Chokecherry Tree. Manfred, Frederick Feikema. 1948.

The Christmas List. Nelson, Pete. 2004.

"A Christmas Story: Under the Ice." DeQuille, Dan. 1988.

"Christ with the Third Finger Broken." Bohnson, Loren. 1940.

Chrysalis. Nicholas, Anna. 2012.

The City of Mirrors. Cronin, Justin. 2016.

Claire in Iowa Territory. Anderson, Paris, and Velva Campbell. 1994. (--)

Clarissa's Heart. Anderson, Launi K. 1998.

Close Collaboration. Michaels, Leigh. 1988.

The Clue in the Corn Maze. Warner, Gertrude Chandler, and Robert Papp. 2004. (--)

Cobweb. Stephenson, Neal, and George Frederick. 1996.

Code 61. Harstad, Donald. 2002.

A Cold Dark Place. Olsen, Gregg. 2008.

Cold War. Tecklenburg, Robert. 2012.

College in Crinoline. Medary, Marjorie. 1937. (--)

Colony Girl. Rayfiel, Thomas. 1999.

Coming To: A Midwestern Tale. Umbarger, Caren. 2011.

A Complicated Life in a Small Town. Maas, Tammy. 2012.

Concerning Mary Ann. Ward, Leo R. 1950.

"Connaissance des Arts." Casey, John. 1979.

"The Conscience of a Business Man." French, Alice. 1898.

A Convenient Affair. Michaels, Leigh. c2001.

The Cooking School Murders. Rich, Virginia. 1982.

"Cooley and Kedney." Nelson, Peter N. 1984.

Cora. Suckow, Ruth. 1929.

Cora Frear: A True Story. Goodman, Susan E., and Doris Ettlinger. 2002. (--)

"Cora Unashamed." Hughes, Langston. 1934.

Corn-Farm Boy. Lenski, Lois. 1954. (--)

Corn Gold Farm. Corey, Paul. 1948. (--)

Corn Silk Days: Iowa, 1862. Pendleton, Linda. 2010.

Cosmos Coyote and William the Nice. Heynen, Jim. 2000. (--)

"The Cowboy Angel Rides." Cathey, Bill Robert. 1971.

Count Your Blessings. Clark, Kathy. 1992.

Country People. Suckow, Ruth. 1924.

Country Sunshine. Warfield, Teresa. 1994.

County Seat. Corey, Paul. 1941.

The County Seat Killer. Risner, Fay. 2008.

The Courting Buggy. Risner, Fay. 2014.

Covered Wagons. Evans, Freeman. 1984.

Crash Club. Felsen, Henry Gregor. 1958. (--)

Cricket Smith. Linkletter, Monte. 1959.

Crinoline to Calico. Heacock, Nan. 1977.

Crossed Fingers. Gutteridge, Marianne. 2001.

"Cummins of Iowa." Quick, J. Herbert. 1906.

The Curator. Mallam, R. Clark and Shirley Schmidt. 1983.

The Cutters. Aldrich, Bess Streeter. 1926.

Dagmar Schultz and the Angel Edna. Hall, Lynn. 1989. (--)

Dagmar Schultz and the Green-eyed Monster. Hall, Lynn. 1991. (--)

Dagmar Schultz and the Powers of Darkness. Hall, Lynn. 1989. (--)

Dancing Along the Upper Mississippi. Franklin, Jim. 1997.

Danger at Hanging Rock. Holl, Kristi. 1989. (--)

The Dahlbe Family Horse. Baker, Laura Nelson. 1964. (--)

Dark Iowa, Bright Iowa. Roberts, James P. 1994.

"A Darkness in Davenport." Vaughn, Ralph E. 1994.

Darkness on the Edge of Town: A Jerry Crossman Mystery. Melcher, Alan M. 2006.

Daughter of the Middle Border. Garland, Hamlin. 1921.

A Daughter's Quest. Dooley, Lena Nelson. 2006.

The Day I Hit a Home Run at Principal Park. Mullen, Paul Michael. 2009. (--)

Day of Escape. Braden, Louise Garland. 1937.

The Day the Music Died: A Mystery. Gorman, Edward. 1999.

Dead on My Feet: A Claire Maxwell Mystery. Wingert, Lynn R. 1998.

Dead Ringer.Cresswell, Jasmine. 2003.

Dead Vault. Eness, Daniel. 2013.

Deadland Rising. Aukes, Rachel. 2015.

Deadland’s Harvest. Aukes, Rachel. 2014.

Death by Discount: A Mara Gilgannon Mystery. Vermillion, Mary. 2004.

Death Comes to Main Street. Ferguson, Bill. 1991.

Dear Mrs. Lindbergh: A Novel. Hughes, Kathleen. 2003.

"The Defeat of Amos Wickliff." French, Alice. 1896.

Degrees of Guilt: Kyra's Story. MacKall, Dandi Daley. 2003. (--)

Degrees of Guilt: Miranda's Story. Carlson, Melody. 2003. (--)

Degrees of Guilt: Tyrone's Story. Brouwer, Sigmund. 2003. (--)

Denison's Daughter. Hall, Lynn. 1983. (--)

"The Development of a Latent Gem." Moore, Morna. 1895.

"The Devil." Mangan, Charles. 1988.

The Diary of an Acorn. Burdette, Myron. 1974. (--)

The Diary of Cord House. Bender, Loretta. 2008.

Discover Iowa with Pippy the Pig. Ferris, Lori J., and Pam Schmacker. 2008. (--)

Discovering the Body. Howard, Mary. 2000.

Disenchanted. Miller, A. R. 2013.

"Distances." Kinsella, W.P. 1988.

"Doc Greer's Practice." Brownell, Agnes Mary. 1921.

The Doctor’s Little Miracle. Dunaway, Michele. 2010.

Dominie Dean. Butler, Ellis Parker. 1917.

Dooley's Delusion. McHale, Thomas. 1971.

Dormitory Women. Cassill, Robert. 1954.

Double Dare. Hopper, Elaine. 1999.

Double Trouble, or Every Hero is His Own Villain. Quick, Herbert. 1906.

Doubting Thomas. Risner, Fay. 2014.

Down One Hundred Years. Ahern, L. Dale. 1938.

"The Downfall of Elder Barton." Stevens, James. 1925.

Dr. Katherine Bell. Harter, Evelyn. 1950.

"The Dress from Bangladesh." Stefaniak, Mary Helen. 1992.

"Drought." Stong, Philip Duffield. 1944.

Druida. Frederick, John T. 1923.

Duck Hunting with Grandpa. Hunter, Helen and Grant Rozeboon. 1998. (--)

"Dust." Stout, George L. 1924.

The Dust Settles. Butterfield, Joanne. 2014.

Dutchman's Puzzle. Brengle, Marte. 2011.

Dutch Me Deadly. Hunter, Maddy. 2012.

Dwelling Places: A Novel. Wright, Vinita Hampton. 2006.

Eagles Rising: A Novel. Sweeney, Gerald F. 2007.

Early Warning. Smiley, Jane. 2015.

East Justice. Braverman, Melanie. 1996.

The Easter House. Rhodes, David A. 1974.

The Easter Parade. Yates, Richard. 1976.

Ecstasy's Magic. Pelton, Sonya T. 1992.

Eden Prairie. Manfred, Frederick Feikema. 1968.

Eesoo. Boettcher, Kathleen S. 1990.

The Egg Lady and Other Neighbors. Currans-Sheehan, Tricia. 2004.

Elaine and the Flying Frog. Chang, Heidi. 1988. (--)

Eleven Days: A Novel of the Heartland. Harstad, Donald. 1998.

Eliza, an Iowa Pioneer. Wojnar, Frances Bries and Elizabeth Link Leitgen. 1991.

"Eminence." Suckow, Ruth. 1927.

"Emma Enters a Sentence of Elizabeth Bishop's." Gass, William. 1998.

Emma’s Gossamer Dreams. Risner, Fay. 2013.

The End of Time: Murder on the Mississippi. Savage, Tom and Sharon. 2016.

The End of Vandalism. Drury, Tom. 2006.

Escape into the Night. Johnson, Lois Walfrid. 1995. (--)

Escape the Past. Parrish, Patt. 1985.

Eva: The Story of a Lifetime. Schott, Sue. 1999.

Eve and Smithy: An Iowa Tale. Edwards, Michelle. 1994. (--)

"An Evening at the Corner Grocery." Garland, Hamlin. 1891.

Ever Tomorrow. Saltzman, Eleanor. 1936.

Ever Westward. Stucker, William. 1962.

Everybody's Somebody's Fool: A Sam McCain Mystery. Gorman, Edward. 2002.

Eviction Notice. Wyrick, Robyn. 2010. (--)

“Excerpts from the Autobiography of Constance Turabian.” Twito, Tom. 1982.

Exclusively Yours. Michaels, Leigh. 1988.

The Executioner Awaits. Herbst, Josephine. 1934.

Exiled to Iowa. Send Help. and Couture. O’Guinn, Chris. 2014. (--)

"Experience." Suckow, Ruth. 1929.

Extraordinary: The True Story of My Fairy Godparent, Who Almost Killed Me, and Certainly Never Made Me a Princess. Selzer, Adam. 2011.

Extreme Prey. Sandford, John. 2016.

"Face of Failure." French, Alice. 1932.

Facing Evil. Brant, Kylie. 2015.

The Fall of Alice K. Heynen, Jim. 2012.

"False Gods of Doc Weaver." Butler, Ellis Parker. 1901.

"Family Diary." Griffith, Jeannette. 1958.

The Family Members. Yoseloff, Martin. 1948.

Family, Pack. Jasper, Michael. 2011.

Family Secrets. Michaels, Leigh. 1994.

Farm Boy: A Hunt for Indian Treasure. Stong, Philip Duffield, and Kurt Wiese. 1934. (--)

Farm on the Hill. Horn, Madeline Darrough. 1936. (--)

Farm Wives and Other Iowa Stories. Abel, Maryann. 1995.

Farmer in the Dell. Stong, Philip Duffield. 1935.

The Farmer's Daughter, a.k.a. the Brat: Stories with a Rural Twist. Wishman, June. 2002.

"Farmer's Market." Grimm, Shawna. 1994.

Fatal Obsession. Greenleaf, Stephen. 1983.

Fever Heat. Felsen, Henry Gregor. 1961. (--)

"A Few Things About Iowa." Alexander, Kirsten Marie. 1995.

Fiddler's Secret. Johnson, Lois Walfrid. 1998. (--)

Fidelity: A Novel. Glaspell, Susan. 1915.

The Final Appearance of America's Favorite Girl Next Door. Stark, Stephen. 2012.

"'Finality' in Freeport." Glaspell, Susan K. 1916.

Finding Fortune. Ray, Delia. 2015. (--)

"First Cousins: A Novel on Youth, Family, Love, Faith, and Responsibility." Jones, David Myles. 1990.

"The First Illusion." Downing, J. Hyatt. 1930.

"The First Mayor." French, Alice. 1889.

The First Paper Girl in Red Oak, Iowa and Other Stories. Stuckey-French, Elizabeth. 2000.

The First Quarry. Collins, Max Allan. 2008.

"The First Violin in Amana County." Ebersole, Maude Vary. 1898.

Five Acre Hill. Corey, Paul. 1946.

"Five Chapters of a Larger Project: A Tradition of Grace." Andrews, Tamara Ruth. 2000.

Fleur de Lies. Hunter, Maddy. 2014.

The Flinkwater Factor. Hautman, Pete. 2015. (--)

Flood.Calhoun, Mary. 1997. (--)

Flowertown. Redling, S.G. 2012.

Fly Paper. Collins, Max Allan. 1981.

The Folks. Suckow, Ruth. 1934.

Fools Rush In: A Sam McCain Mystery. Gorman, Edward. 2007.

“Football Sunday.” Stefaniak, Mary Helen. 1984.

Footprints. Roberts, Eldon. 1989.

For the Call of a Friend. McCracken, Susan. 1997.

For the Gift of a Friend. McCracken, Susan. 1995.

For the Love of a Friend. McCracken, Susan. 1994.

"For Those Who Wait." Crowther, Peter. 1994.

Forevermore. Roquet, Dana. 2014.

Forks of the River. Hotle, Charles C. 1983.

Forty Pounds of Gold. Stong, Philip Duffield. 1951.

Found on 16th Avenue. Roth, Karen. 2006.

"Four Generations." Suckow, Ruth. 1924.

“Four Past Midnight.” King, Stephen. 1990.

Fourth and Long. Miller, Tom. 1997.

"Frank Pierce, Iowa." Kinsella, W.P. 1988.

From a Test Tube with Love. Kohrt, Ruth. 1999.

From Little Hawk to Hawkeye. Reuter, Linda. 2006. (--)

Frontier Mailman: How the Mail Was Delivered When the Terroritory Was New and Indians Skulked in the Brush. Hotle, Charles C. 1987.

The Fugitive's Return. Glaspell, Susan. 1929.

Fun is Where You Find it: Escapades of the Innocents. Martens, Lucile and Margaret Rogers. 1976.

"The Funeral." Struthers, Ann. 2005.

Funeral Food. France, Jane. 2013.

G'day to Die: A Passport to Peril Mystery. Hunter, Maddy. 2006.

The Gamble. Jones, T.P. 2010.

Gently Touch the Milkweed. Hall, Lynn. 1970. (--)

"German Grandfather." Suckow, Ruth. 1927.

Get Thee Behind Me: My Life as a Preacher's Son. Spence, Hartzell. 1942.

The Ghost at the Inn of the Six-Toed Cat. Elder, David. 1995.

The Ghost Dog of Benton's Mill: The Story as Told to a Young Visitor by Emil Kreutzer. Elder, David. 1996.

Ghost of the Great River Inn. Hall, Lynn. 1981. (--)

Ghostly Tales of Northeast Iowa: Allamakee, Clayton, Fayette, and Winneshiek Counties. Hein, Ruth D., and Vicky L. Hinsenbrock. 1988.

Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun. Bacus, Kathleen. 2006.

A Gift to Aafji: A Pella Christmas Story. Bach, Marcus. 1992. (--)

Gifts from Decorah Laurah. Glawe, Dennis D., and G. Louis Heath. 2006.

Gilead. Robinson, Marilynne. 2004.

The Girl in the Spike-Heeled Shoes: A Novel. Yoseloff, Martin. 1954.

The Girls in 3-B. Taylor, Valerie. 1959.

The Glory of the Conquered: The Story of a Great Love. Glaspell, Susan. 1909.

Go Away Home. Bodensteiner, Carol. 2014.

Go Away, Ruthie. Baker, Laura Nelson. 1966. (--)

God and My Country. Kantor, MacKinlay. 1954.

God Save Us All. Maas, Tammy. 2013.

The Golden Age. Smiley, Jane. 2015.

"Golden Wedding." Suckow, Ruth. 1925.

Goodbye, Ava. Bissell, Richard. 1961.

Good Night Iowa. Jasper, Mark and Adam Gamble. 2013. (--)

Good Omens. Gaiman and Pratchett. 1990.

Gracier. Bailey, Milissa R. 2011.

Grandmother Brown's Hundred Years: 1827-1927. Brown, Harriet C. 1929.

Grasshopper Jungle. Smith, Andrew. 2014. (--)

"The Graven Image." Garland, Hamlin. 1917.

The Great Disappointment: A confession. Dow, Kathryn. 2011.

A Great Catch: a Novel. Seilstad, Lorna. 2011.

"The Great Man in Iowa." Borich, Michael. 2002.

Green Earth: A Novel. Manfred, Frederick Feikema. 1977.

Greenfields. Martin, Brett Stephan. 2001.

The Green School Cape: The Adventures of the Five Amigos. McCollum, Lynn Tragesser. 2008. (--)

Growing Season. Gaherty, Mike. 1997.

The Growing Season. Olsen, Violet. 1982. (--)

Gus the Great: A Novel. Duncan, Thomas W. 1922.

"Guthrie Springs." Coleman, James R. 1991.

The Hallelujah Side. Huffey, Rhoda. 1999.

A Halloween Scare in Iowa. James, Eric and Marina Del Ray. 2014. (--)

Hal’s Worldly Temptations. Risner, Fay. 2011.

Halvor. Stromme, Peer O., and Inga Bredesen Norstog. 2003.

Halvor: A Story of Pioneer Youth. Stromme, Peer O., Inga Bredesen Norstog, and David T. Nelson. 1960.

The Hand of God: A Novel. Dostal, W.A. 1934.

Happy Land. Kantor, MacKinlay. 1943.

The Happy Valley Mystery. Kenny, Kathryn and Paul Frame. 2004. (--)

Hard Cash. Collins, Max Allan. 1982.

"The Hardfish Woman." Coleman, James R. 1994.

The Harker File.Olden, Marc. 1976.

Harlot's Moon. Gorman, Edward. 1997.

Harmony. Chehak, Susan Taylor. 1990.

"Harvesters." Downing, J. Hyatt. 1945.

Hattie Big Sky. Larson, Kirby. 2006. (--)

Hattie's Cry for Help. Frost, Marie, and Bonnie Compton Hanson. 1992. (--)

Hattie's Faraway Family. Frost, Marie. 1994. (--)

Hattie's Holidays. Frost, Marie. 1994. (--)

Hattie's Secret Adventures. Frost, Marie. 1994. (--)

Hattie's Surprising Discovery. Frost, Marie, Bonnie Compton Hanson, and Beverly Burge. 1991. (--)

Haunting of Cabin 13. Holl, Kristi. 1987. (--)

Hawk Moon. Gorman, Edward. 1996.

The Hawkeye. Quick, Herbert. 1923.

Heart of a Pagan: The Story of Swoop, a Novel. Bernstein, Andrew. 2002.

The Heart of Toil. French, Alice. 1898.

"The Heart of Youth." Muilenburg, Walter J. 1915.

Heartbreaker. Garwood, Julie. 2000.

The Heartland Experiment: A Novel. Harstad, Donald. 2003.

"Heel Spurs." Watzke, Beth. 2000.

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Gorman, Edward. 2001.

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Witch Way to Murder. Damsgaard, Shirley. 2005.

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You Know I Don't Love You. Horn, Margaret Capek. 2006.

You’ll Never Know. Chaplin, Micah K. 2004.

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Your Life Lies Before You: A Novel. Hansen, Larry. 1935.

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The Youngest WAAC. Bailey, Bernadine, and Connie Moran. 1943. (--)

Zanzar. Follett, Henry. 1997.

Zara. Steinbach, Meredith. 1982.

Zed. Frederick, Michael. 2011.

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